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Max Maven Thinking In Person
Sat, Jan 26,2013 @ 8pm
$15 Students; $39 Advanced; $49 Day of Show

Using an advanced (and highly unorthodox) set of psychological principles and techniques, Max is able to discern the thoughts of total strangers. Subliminal persuasion and the power of suggestion are pushed to the limit. People Magazine hailed his work as "a new form of participatory theater." Audiences around the world agree: this is weird stuff - and they love it!

Here is what some New York Times readers say!

“I spent 9 hours on a bus to spend two hours in a theater in New York to see Max Maven and it was well worth it. I have seen him lecture before and knew that he is one of the greatest minds in magic who invents the tricks that other magicians perform. In this show, he was also droll, fun, engaging and naturally mystifying. The show is first-class in every way; it shows the hallmarks of excellent direction, lighting and scene design that complement the world class magic and mentalism. Max rarely performs on the East Coast so do not miss this excellent opportunity to be amazed!”

An amazing show in every sense of the word. Maven is a master showman, as uniquely entertaining as he is astounding. He offers up a wonderful entertainment several layers deep such that you want to go back repeatedly just to keep discovering it. It surpasses its promise to mystify, and on top of it, you get references to inspirations such as Lord Buckley that turn the evening into a very rich feast for the mind, the heart and the soul far beyond expectation, and even, imagination. If you love theater, mystery and wit, this is not to be missed. Maven is in full stride. You owe it to yourself to see him.”


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