Upcoming Events
WED @ 7:30PM, JAN 25 | FEB 1 & 8 | MAR 1, 8 & 15, 2017
Fri, Mar 3, 2017 @ 8PM
SAT, MAR 4, 2017 @ 7PM and 9:30PM
WED @ 7:30PM, JAN 25 | FEB 1 & 8 | MAR 1, 8 & 15, 2017
THU, SEP 22, 2016 @ 8PM - THU, JUN 8, 2017 @ 8PM
OCT 21, DEC 2, 2016 & FEB 17, MAR 10, APR 21, 2017 @ 8PM
FRI, MAR 10, 2017 @ 8PM
SAT & SUN, MAR 11 & 12, 2017 @ 11:00AM & 1:30PM
SAT & SUN, MAR 11 & 12, 2017 @ 11:00AM & 1:30PM
SAT & SUN, MAR 11 & 12, 2017 @ 11:00AM & 1:30PM


We gratefully acknowledge all members and donors, those individuals, corporations and foundations whose contributions were received between August 1, 2014 and July 31, 2015 and helped to make this season of performances possible! The Emelin Theatre for the Performing Arts is a Not-For-Profit Organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Westchester residents with a full range of performing arts programs. To find out more about how you can help support the Emelin please call 914.698.3045. Thank you for your support.


Emily and Eugene Grant
Karen and Paul Isaac
Susan and George Matelich
New York State Council on the Arts

$10,000 – 19,999
Mark D. Ettenger
Iberdrola USA Corporation
Marjorie Isaac
Barbara Lewis Kaplan
Village of Mamaroneck

$5,000 – 9,999
Barbara Gottlieb
Patricia and James Grant
Heidi and Jim Hanley
Heidi and John Helfst
Houlihan Lawrence Larchmont Brokerage
Frederick Isaac
Ann and Collier Kirkham
Miller's Toys
Sylvia and Thomas Rogers
Hollis Rafkin-Sax and Ben Sax
Joan and Stuart Schapiro
Suzanne Swaine
Joy and Steven Zelin
Suzanne and Gary Zenkel
Karen Zimmerman and Paul Bindler

$2,500 – 4,999
Jane and Donald Cecil
Kitty and Thomas Kempner
Silvia and Mark Lederman
Margery and Ted Mayer
Marie and Douglas McKeige
Susan and Paul Millman
Kerry and Ronald Moelis
Nataly and Toby Ritter
Estate of Shirley Romney
Village of Larchmont
Alice Tenney and Budd Weisenberg
Lisa and Richard Witten

$1,000 – 2,499
Carrie and Art Bell
Deborah and Stephen Chapin
Jacky and Jeff Clyman
Barbara Cohn
John Collins
Martha Dornete
Anne and David Fass
Sandy and Bill Feldman
Meira and Thomas Fleisch
Laurie and Stephen Girsky
Sunny and Brad Goldberg
AJ Grant
Mary and David Iles
Luann and Matthew Jacobs
Juli and Daniel Karson
Robert M. Kern
Andrea and Rob Kramer
Alix and Rudolph Laager
Todd and Kim Larsen / Larsen Fund
Connie and Stephen Lieber
Jayne Lipman and Robert Goodman
Nita and Stephen Lowey
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
New York State Presenters Network
Suzi and Martin J. Oppenheimer
Stephanie and Stephen Piccone
Andrea and Andy Potash
Wendy and Neil Sandler
Carol and Michael Scheffler
Amy Frolick and Brad Scheler
Stephanie Scott
Tara Slone and Wayne Goldstein
Amy and Robert Stavis
Jane and Jim Stern
Beth Roberts and Natan Vaisman
Sue and David Wahrhaftig
Janet and William Walker
K&M Weisburgh Charitable Fund
Marie Wolf

$500 – 999

Lucy R. Banker
Katherine Bialo
Sally and Paul Cantwell
Mitzi Cylkowski
Janet and Rudy Demasi
Karen and Jerry Dorfman
Jackie and Michael Eisenband
Theresa and Peter Fanelli
Marty and John Farris
Sabrina and Jeff Fiddelman
Meg and Louis Fienberg
Margot and Norman Freedman
Cindy and Ben Golub
Jamie and Gary Gordon
Debbie Kenyon and Peter Hess
Ruth and Norman Hinerfeld
Ellen Zimmerman and Robert Katz
Leona Kern
Kate and David Kies
Sue and Jon Kucera
Lori and Barry Kupferberg
Claudette Lajam
Natalie Lansburgh
Cheryl and Glen Lewy
Heidi Lieberman
Carol and John Loomis
Jillian and Richard Martin
Kate and Steve McCurdy
Sheryl and Michael McSherry
Carol Miller and Rich Levy
Margaret Nathan
Jane Orans
Paula Ann and Robert Peck
John Peckham
Elizabeth Ehrlich and Leon Potok
Peter Price
Purchase College Foundation
The Raffiani Family Foundation
Meg and Steven Roberts
Bonnie and Michael Rodney
Barbara and Scott Rosenblum
Barbara Rosenblum
Edith and Richard Roth
Amy and Rob Rothman
Lynda and Robert Safron
Kate and Arnold Schmeidler
Kate Kelly and George Schweitzer
Amy Ralston Seife and Howard Seife
Lisa and Michael Senter
Elese and Jeff Silverman
Mary and Ted Sobel
Amy and Robert Sommer
Alana and Randy Stone
Robin and Clifford Topol
Laura Torrisi
Town of Mamaroneck
Jan and Mark Vinikoor
June and Dan Walden
Maria and Keith Ward
Laura Weil
Beth and Fred Weiler
Margot and Gary Weinstein
Yale Zoland

$250 – 499

Karen and Edward Applebome
Patricia and Clarke Bailey
Laura and KevinBarrett
Emily and Peter Bauer
Carla and Rick Berry
Deborah Bloch
Elaine and Peter Canter
Margaret and Peter Corbett
Nan and Lee Corbin
Lisette Coviello
Suzanne and Luc Despins
Theodore Eisler
Nancy Seligson and John Feingold
Lesleigh and William Forsyth
Jacqueline Fowler
Nancy and Robert Gardiner
Joseph Germano
Marjorie and Thomas Gilbert
Carolyn and Richard Glickstein
Diane and Robert Goodman
Gail and Bob Gordon
Josh Gorfinkle
Candy Gould
Amy Halket
Jean Heller
Lesley and Evan Heller
Terrie and Larry Henry
Leslie and Wayne Josel
Junior League of Westchester
on the Sound
Judith and Tim Kahler
Renee and Daniel Kaplan
Cecilia Absher and David Katz
Elly Koeppel
Lynn and Jules Kroll
Jeannette and Lloyd Landa
Wilma and Walter Leinhardt
Amy and David Levere
Elizabeth and Mark Liscio
Helen Lowenstein
Carleen Lyden-Kluss
Marjorie and John Lyons
Crozer Martin
Howard Martin / Mr. Chimney
Abby and Howard Milstein
Celina Kersh and
Vincent Monte-Sano
Amanda and Todd Norman
Valerie O'Keeffe
Linda and Glenn Ostrander
Steven Otis
Sharon and Irving Picard
Lynn and Michael Reichgott
Linda Riefberg and Lee Perlman
Lori Rotskoff Canter and
Michael Canter
Rye Golf Club
Danielle and Stuart Seltzer
Hannah and Walter Shmerler
Mary Heller Silk
Joan Silver
Melissa Gitelman and
Steven Silverman
Amy and Richard Slingerland
Jacqueline and Leon Starr
Susan and Brad Steinthal
Mitchell G. Stern
Lucinda and Ned Stoll
Victoria Sweet
Matty Taubin
Christian Templeman
Elizabeth Vardell
Vinifera Wine & Spirits
Frann and Richard Warren
Connie Werbin
Philippa and Philip Wharton
Susan and Marc Wollin
Judith and Ernest Wong
Lucinda and Michael Zavelle



Susan and Steven Abramson
Nancy Adler
Pat and Jim Allen
Maria and Charles Angarola
Elaine and Alan Ascher
B.T.E. Holding Corporation
Gabi and Colin Baigel
Barbara and Robert Barber
Midge and Skip Baum
Janet and Stephen Bear
Elinor and Robert Berlin
Sarah Beyrich
Fred Bloch
Patricia and John Bottomley
Lori and Robert Brandon
Alan Braunshweiger
Geraldine and Barry Brause
Enid Breisblatt and Jeff Telschow
Kathleen Brenner
John Brewer
Jo and Steve Brody
Ellen Brooks and Marshall Cohen
Jacqueline R. Bruskin
Muriel and Robert Bruskin
Carol and Darren Campili
Suzanne Carbery Emery
Jonathan Carmel
Brian Carr-Smith
Lori Ann Cerullo and Mark Neagle
Barbara and Peter Clapman
Kathleen Clemens
Susan and Chaim Cohen
Barbara and Bert Cohn
Joseph Cohn
Sandy and Tom Constabile
Sonya and John Cronin
Barbara and Richard Dalin
Judy Darsky
Leslie Davies
Maryann Davila
Grace Devine
Jacqueline and Nicolas Didier
Debbie Doern
Christine and Joseph Donley
Cory & Bob Donnalley
Charitable Foundation
Susan and Randall Doud
Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation
David Edell
Joann and Selig Eisenberg
Susan and Arthur Eisman
Rick Elias / Mamaroneck
Oral Surgery PC
Jan Feinman
Caryl and Joseph Feldmann
Roberta and Bob Fisher
Linda Pallini and Arnold Fleischer
Donald J. Fleishaker
Susan Flink
Tim Flink
Bobbie and Charles Flynn
Linnet Tse and John Forsyth
Elinor and Arthur Fredston
Lory Gambrill
Karen and Andy Gerringer
Sarah Robbins-Evans and
Ronald M. Glick
Reva and Matthew Golkar
Anne and James Golub
Nancy and Richard Goodman
Pamela and Joshua Graham
Pamela Graham
James B. Gray
Melany Gray
Kyle and David Greenberg
Jocelyn and Jim Gross
Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg
Anne and David Gruppo
Diana and David Hechler
Cindy and Randy Heller
Joy Henshel
Karen and David Hershberg
Diane and Gary Hirsch
Gail and Doug Hollander
Roberta Hyde
Suzanne Iasenza
IBM Corporation Matching
Gifts Program
Jaclyn and Sol Israel
Oliver Jakob
Michele and Russ Jellinek
Janie and Robert Julius
Judy and Ronald Kahn
Peggy and Andy Kahn
Carrie and Andy Kaplan
Phyllis and Frederick Kaskel
Ann and Paul Katzenstein
Jeanne Keegan
Rania Khouri
Lisa Kinsman
Marlene and Gerald Kolbert
Jane and Howard Kramer
Gerry Lang
Janet Langsam
Lynne and Richard Leahy
Madalyn Lehman
Michele Lewis and Jan Gould
Margaret and Thomas LoCastro
Sandra and Anthony Loucas
Naomi and Daniel Lowenthal
Maryanne Lynch
Linda Lyon
Barbara and J. Robert Mann, Jr.
Gail and Marty Marcus
Lorraine Martire and
Catherine Gervino
Eileen Mason
Alice Mathias
Tsilla Flint and James Matteotti
Karen and Alex Mauskop
Marion and Judd Maze
Lynn A. McCluskey
Mary McMillan
Bruce A. Mekul
Pat and David Melrose
Sally and Jay Meltzer
Pamela Middleton
Suzanne Moncure
John Murdock
Lauren Nauser
Ruth Norek
Janet Odgis
Julie and Jim O'Shea
Claudette Paage
Antoinette Pagnozzi
Alan Palestine
Lara Parent
Kathryn and Alan Parter
Suzanne M. Pataki
Piccolo Mulino Restaurant
Rita and Michael Plansky
Gail Schargel and William Powell
Amy and Paul Psaila
Raizen and Serling Families
Abbe and Steven Rand
Diana Regan
Joyce and Paul Rheingold
Lynn Roberts and Mark Wolfson
Jill K. Robertson
Ann and Rod Rolett
Tanya and Michael Romanoff
Norman Rosenblum
Elizabeth and Samuel Rosenthal
Judy and Burt Rozner
Geri and Michael Rubenstein
Liz Sabin
Barbara Santangelo
Rebecca and David Sayles
Melissa and Chris Schoen
Alan Schole
Andrew Schuster
Helen and Gil Schwartzman
Thelma and Warren Serenbetz
Judith and Kenneth Seslowe
Sarene Shanus and Harold Treiber
Monte Silberger
Ruth and David Singer
Ellen and Chris Smith
Janet Smith
Susan Spencer
Ruth and Bill Spiro
Mary and John Spollen
John Stadler
Jean Marie and Kerry D. Stein
Marie and Melvin Stein
Candy and Joe Steiner
Marian Presberg and David Stolman
Todd Strasser
Vivian and Mark H. Swartz
Joan Faier and Andy Tannen
Diane Duckler-Taub and Iven Taub
Janice Towers
Gertrude and James Trier
Yvonne Tropp
Jane Turley
Dorothy and Arnie Turtz
Tamara Urmey
Linda and Leonard Verrastro
Melina Vourlekis
Judy and Harvey Wacht
Lance Wallach
Judy and Lee Wasserman
Kathy Dornbush and Bill Wasserman
Franne and Bill Weinberg
Sally Weinraub
Rose Wolf
Susie Yamaguchi
Michael Zeller
Ellen Zuckert

Maureen Abrahamsen
Elizabeth Ackerman
Susan Allen
Joanne and John Baer
Laurel Bauer
Elissa Benudis
Susan Bernstein
Robert Bewick
Ellen Biblowitz
Jennifer Geer and Guillermo Bilbao
Sandra Black
Dorinda Palladino and
Leonard Blumenschine
Catherine and Joe Carney
Jill Casner-Lotto
Lisa Catucci
Carol Chevlowe
Miriam and Saul Cohen
Melissa Colabella
Caryn and Charles Coran
Barbara and Frederick Cronin
Michelle and Fred Daum
Marsha P. Davis
June and Robert DeMarco
Judith and Barry Dichter
Eleanor and Eric Dreyfus
Mona and Carleton Dukess
Michael Fisher
Linda A. Foreman
Vida Foubister
Linda and Stanley Futterman
Theresa and James Gilpin III
Amy Goldman
Gloria and Arthur Goldstein
Lindsay Gourevitch
Debra and Stuart Green
Judith and Stephen Gutmann
Margot and Ray Haas
Catherine Haggarty
Nancy C. Hardart
Margaret Hayes
Prem Hira
Hilda and Emery Horvath
Susan Band Horwitz
Mary and Anthony Ilardi
Lois and Arthur Katz
George Kazepis
Maryln Kimmel
Susan and Peter Kopple
Marcia and Michael Korotkin
Rita Krosney
Estelle and Gene Laska
Maryann and Pinky Leitner
Gary Leogrande
Ivonne Levin
Susan and Barry Lewen
Cynthia Lewis
Deborah Lewis
Phyllis Mandell
Carol Manire
Susan McKenna
Amy and Bruce Meighan
Susan Morison
Claudia and Alastair Murdoch
Susan Obyrne
Camille and Ernest Odierna
Lila and Saul Ogman
Laura and Jonathan Perry
Al Pfadt
John Prael
Lynne Prior
Amy and Paul Psaila
David Salko
Elizabeth Sanger
Jesse Schraft
Debbie and William Schrag
Lenore Schultz
Elisabeth and Marvin Schwartz Diane and Charles Seller
Carole Siegel
Robert Siligato
Harold Silverman
Doris-Patt and Ted Smith
Diane and Steven Solomon
Nancy and Sanford Taffet
Janet Thompson
Susan and Arthur Tobiason
Corinne Tolles
Nora Tulchin
Madelyn Venner
Christopher Wagner
Charlotte Wald
Mary Alice and Kent Warner
Gill and Richard Watt
Judith Factor and Robert Wechsler
Margaret Weinstock
Judith and Roger Widmann
Carol Willner
Tamara Wright
Elise Young

In Kind

Sally and Paul Cantwell
Ed and Maureen Schloss
Frank Soriano / House of Flowers

Amy Fastenberg and James Marsh
Ian Wardropper / The Frick Collection
Half Moon Resort
Libby and Arthur Jacobson
Ann and Collier Kirkham
Suzi and Martin J. Oppenheimer
Dawn Hendricks / Peridot Fine Jewlers
Nataly and Toby Ritter
Joan Sansone
Lisa and Michael Senter
Marie Wolf
Joy and Steven Zelin

Carnival Corporation & PLC
Melissa Gitelman and Steven Silverman
Emily and Eugene Grant
George Schweitzer / The Late Show with David Letterman
Paul Taylor Dance Company
Stephanie Piccone / Flowers by Stephanie
Hollis Rafkin-Sax and Ben Sax
Karla Salguero
Elese and Jeff Silverman
The Yachtsman Lodge & Marina

Bill Anderson
Jim Cramer / CNBC
Daryl Roth Productions
Eric Newland / Designer One
Jay's Wine & Liquors
Tony Mancino / Mancino Custom Tailors
Pam Older Designs
Cai Palmer / Wine at Five
Persifor LLC
Fran and Eric Rosenfeld
Jack Tacconi / Standing Room Only
Amy and Robert Stavis

Janet Azar / Addison Street Spa
American Ballet Theatre
Luciano Savone / Enzo's Restaurant
Tracy Fiore / Fiore Pilates
Kyle Greenberg
Mieke and Derrick Dikkers / Le Provencal Bistro
Catherine McGibney
Susan and Paul Millman
Kerry and Ronald Moelis
Murder for Two
Ray Nolletti / Sound Shore Liquor Pantry
Len Captan / Sarlin Opticians

Bradley Smith / Bradley's Desserts and Catering
Chat 19
The Duck Inn
Ellen Marie Day Spa
Encore Bistro Francais
The Flower Bar
Molly Spillane's Bar and Restaurant
Palmer Jewelers
Piccolo Mulino Restaurant
Red Plum
Stanz Cafe
Tequila Sunrise